Song Of A Citizen

In our self-governing society

Who should we call on to fix broken government?

We can blame politicians, the media, or special interests

Till we're red or blue in the face

But sometimes you just have to turn the mirror around.

Want to become more effective as a citizen?

Want to help shape public policy rather than be shaped by it?

Want to make your voice heard loudly -- without screaming?

"Song Of A Citizen" is a resource to help you do all that and more.

And to help you inspire others to do the same.

So read on -- and check out our videos -- and prepare to transform yourself

from a frustrated civic spectator into a powerful political problem-solver.

Note: This site is a temporary placeholder until the official site goes live.  For now, it's just to describe the project for interested parties -- and to view the videos.  Check back soon for the full experience.

The New Sound of Civic Renewal